Thursday, January 15, 2015


I've been so busy lately and haven't had time to really workout or blog about it. A lot has been going on. Let me catch you up:

Lars' first Christmas cam and went. He really made out and had a lot of fun.

The day after Christmas, Jason's grandpa died. They don't live here, so it's hard. I'm glad we were able to see him over the summer. 

Lars turned 1 and had a huge party. So many people and gifts and food. It all worked out and, of course, he had fun. He was very social and "talked" to everyone.

Just a couple days ago, my (almost) 15 year old cat died. I had him before I met Jason (just before). It was pretty sudden (all within 4 days). He never acted like an old cat.

I have been able to do some workouts (from YouTube). I love Fitness Blender. I've only done 2 workouts, but they were great. I've also been able to eat a lot of the leftovers from Lars' party (no one ate the veggies). This container (below) was over flowing with broccoli.

The other major thing that has been going on (for about a week now) is that I'm sick. All 3 of is are sick. We are getting over it, but it's tough. Whenever I get too active (too much working out), I get this cough that I can't get rid of. Can't wait to be able to get back to normal. 

How has 2015 been treating you?

I will be posting again, as soon as I'm able to workout. Hopefully early next week. I can't wait to tell you about the videos I've found!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Winter Running in California

Christmas came early for this runner! Newton Running sent me a pair of super comfy, airy and light weight shoes to try out. It took me forever to test them out (because of the rain thing). I've been wearing them around when I run errands and walks with Lars. I have officially tested out the shoes and worn them in.

I LOVE them!!!

They are + one. That means that they've added an additional lug (5 total). The fifth lug gives the runner a "broader and more stable platform, greater POP sensation, engineered to be faster and more efficient, designed to accommodate the splay of all 5 metatarsals and feels more responsive with better ground communication". 

When i first put these shoes I, the first thing I noticed was the POP and how light weight the shoe is. This totally benefited my running. 

This week is suppose to be cloudy, but no rain. We'll see if the weather people are right about that. If they're right, I can run all week!!

This is what Lars looks like when I run with him. I bundle him up when we hustle out the door. I also give him a toy to rattle around. But mostly, he "talks"while I run.

I've also been trying to workout at home too. This is what it looks like when I'm trying to do my squats and lunges. Little man runs around me and I end up being chased down the hallway. Toys are all around us and I try not to trip over them. 

How do you balance running and working out at home with a toddler? 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Great Buys for a Runner's Christmas

After a run and the sweat has cooled, my legs always get freezing. The awesome people at Heat Holders sent me some toasty leggings. They were perfect!

I was so warm. I wore them by themselves around the house and when I went out, I threw a pair of pants over them. Even warmer. We are going to see some Christmas lights tonight. I think I'll wear them under my jeans. 

I had one non-rainy day last week, so I was able to squeeze in a run. Since Lars goes with me, I can only run when it's not raining. Whenever I do run, I always I've my knee. I do this for prevention. Better safe than sorry. Dr. Cool sent me some great recovery wraps. 

All you do is: run it under water, place in freezer for about 20 minutes and you're ready to "ice"on the go. What I normally do it go for my run, release Lars from the stroller, grab my wrap from the freezer and relax while I ice. If I need to get up and chase Lars somewhere around the house, I can. These are prefect! I'm always trying to multi-task. I don;t have time not to.

These items were sent to me for my honest opinion. I honestly love these products and think they would be great for a gift for the runner in your life!

To all the runners: what do you want for Christmas?

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Great Buys for a Child's Christmas

Since this is Lars' first Christmas, I like to look for great finds!! One site I'm in complete love with is Uncommon Goods. They sent Lars some adorable slippers! They're little puppies (Lars' favorite animal).

They have super grippies on the bottom, keep his feet nice and cozy and warm, and they actually stay on his feet. The only thing about little kids is that their feet grow crazy fast! I already need the next size.

They have so much more than just kids stuff: stuff for your kitchen, women, men, sports stuff. You name it, they've got it!

Lars loves to read. He loves the big red guy that's coming to town next week. Jay Dee was so nice to send me a book that he wrote. The book is called The Night Before the Night before Christmas.

This book has a cute story and wonderful illustrations. At Lars' age, illustrations are very important. They kept his attention the entire time!

Another thing Uncommon Goods sent me (Lars), was some rainbow sound blocks. He is obsessed with wooden objects that make sounds. It came with 2 rectangles, 2 circles (his favorite shape) and 2 squares. They all have different sounds and all different colors. 

He loves looking through the lenses ans seeing things in different colors. He can now hold it up to his eyes himself. He walks (mostly runs) around the house with the circles in his hands and shakes them as he goes up and down the hallway.

These items were sent to me to review. These are my very honest opinions of these products and Lars really does love them. A little boy can't lie. 

Let me know if you have any questions about what I've posted or if you'd like your product reviewed by me or Lars. 

What are you buying your kid(s)?

Monday, December 8, 2014

Baby Giggles

No parent wants an unhappy baby. I'm not unlike any other parent. Since Lars loves to eat (anything), I want him to be happy while he's eating. We always make eating a fun time. He has always hated wearing bibs. He always pulled the bib (those cloth ones) right off. They never lasted the entire meal. So, I ended up just having him eat sans bib. Which meant a very messy feeding time. 

The great people, Steve and Elaine, at Baby Giggles sent me some of their Crud Catchers. These are the only ones that have lasted! Don't get me wrong, Lars has tried to take off the bib, but hasn't been successful.

It always works, though. Lunch time was always our messiest feeding time (pb&j sandwiches). Now, clean up is a breeze! He doesn't even notice he's wearing it :) Feeding time is still is a fun time!

It really works too. Lars likes to dig in the pocket area and pick up what he's dropped. He now eats everything. I rarely find anything is his lap or on his high chair seat. 

I tell the truth when I review products and this is a great product! Easy clean up, flexible (and doesn't hurt when he does try to take it off), 

Baby Giggles makes a great product! If you have a messy eater, these will help you tremendously!!

Do you have a messy eater?  How do they handle wearing a bib?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Best Dessert EVER!!

So, I ate turkey day dessert waaay too fast and didn't even take a photo. I guess that means I just enjoyed it too much! I made a great dinner (no photos though). I made the standard (minus the stuffing). I don't care for stuffing too much and it didn't seem to be missed. Yay for me!

No, on to dessert. I made my candy apple cheesecake that I told you about last week. It didn't look like the picture, but it was outstanding (not my words, my guests). It turned out so great, I'm going to make it for Christmas dinner too.

Christmas has made an appearance in my house this week. I decorated my house as a start of the 25 days of Christmas. It's a new tradition, I started this year. I want Lars' 1st Christmas to be great (I know he won't remember it, but I will).

Here's my hall bath (Lars' bathroom)

Clockwise: living room (where the tree will be going this weekend), Lars'  play area, and the bottom pictures are the dining room.

Have you decorated for Christmas yet? Do you decorate?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Family Time

The other day, Jason and I took Lars to the local park (that we always run to). It's his favorite park. When we turn the corner and he sees it, he squeals and raises his arms. It's so cute.

When our little family was there last time, there was a soccer game going on. Lars wanted to borrow a ball (we forgot ours at home). He loves kicking the soccer ball around. He can start soccer when he's 3. I think I'll do that. 

I'm having my parents over for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I'm making a different dessert (apples are still involved). I can't wait to share it with you guys.  I'm taking the rest of the week off, but I will update you on the yummy food (first time making cranberry sauce) Monday.

What are you making (or having) for Thanksgiving dinner?